About Us

Southern Textiles, a textile manufacturing company based in durban was recently selected to receive the international trophy for quality ( new millenium award ) during a presentation in madrid spain.

An award which has been created in collaboration with the trade leaders club to distinguish a firm of every industrial branch whose products and services have deserved universal aclaim along the course of the year.

This was in recognition and promotion of the organisational quality philosophy, allowing the enterprise to achieve the excellence.

The main activities are braiding, weaving and knitting of various types of narrow trimmings chiefly used in the manufacture of cothing, footwear, upholstery, outdoor, marquee , luggage and other allied industries.

For the clothing industries the company manufactures various types of elastics ranging from preshrunk to resined versions.

Apart from the elastics various types of other trimmings which include drawcords flat and round, twill tapes, hangerloops, corded pipings, satin ribbons, bungy cords, bows, velcro and various other types of trimmings are supplied to this industry.

The footwear industry also enjoys various types of products manufactured by southern textiles which ofcourse includes the shoe and boot laces, waxed mocassin threads for handlacing purposes, binding tapes, gusset elastics ranging from 5mm to 300mm and also the buckle elastics in various widths and colours.

Getting into the more sophisticated market, the upholstery industries uses several types of elasticated furniture webbing, jute webbings, piping cords, button twine, rouching elastic, etc specifically manufactured by southern textiles to suite customers requirements.

For the luggage industry the company manufactures webbing strappings and drawcords ranging from 3mm in width to 100mm width.

As far as the allied markets are concerned it caters for various types of outdoor products, including ski ropes, sash cords, wash line cords, tennis nets, volleyball nets, cargo nets, resque ropes, twines and webbings manufactured for the tarpaulin business and the general hardware and chainstore markets.

Some of our customers are restige clothing, celrose clothing, kingsgate clothing ( am moolla group ) jonsson overalls, j. Gross & co, cambridge shirts, marburg manufacturers, futura footwear, dick wittington shoes, eddels shoes, jordan shoes etc

The company is proudly south african and has earned an esteemed reputation over the last decade of its existence and is 110% bee compliant.

It supplies its products to many outlets in and outside southern africa working around the clock with over a thousand machines and a compliment of hghly skilled personnel